maccha house, somerset

meh dessert at the basement of orchard central – okay in a pinch, but tsujiri‘s much better. we’re in the midst of a massive rain-plus-heat wave in singapore, with gushing gales of wind dancing rain across the island – but not really bringing much respite from the heat – so ice cream indoors is a pretty good thing.

but maybe not here exactly, unless you have an abject and consuming japanese dessert craving while in the area. although to be fair, their vanilla oft serve isn’t too bad.


it’s a large open cafe, and somewhat dingy despite being new – it’s suffering from crowds, with less than white tables and a rather inefficient queueing system. you go up to the counter to rather confused staff who can’t quite deal with the crowd, so it takes time to place an order, and more time for it to arrive at your table. it may have lauded provenance – it’s meant to be a kyoto chain, but you wouldn’t know it.

we had a couple of desserts – the typical parfait bowl with soft serve, jellies and syruped fruit, a vanilla in-cone soft serve, and a couple of green tea drinks. not impressed at all. the soft serve was passable, but very watered down in comparison to tsujiri‘s, and it melts down too quickly (which is possibly the greatest sin a soft serve could commit).

not cheap (though possibly it’s more just to say it’s not quite worth plonking down your good money for), and the place feels dingy – I’d recommend even the slightly-too-sweet cold stone creamery upstairs instead of this.

Maccha House
#B1-40 Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896
tel +65 6636 5830
$.5: each item = >6

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