cut by wolfgang puck, bayfront (take 2)

still utterly fantastic, and wonderfully enjoyable dessert at the marina bay sands. it is understating it to say that this place is now my favorite in singapore – and no, I’ve not had their steak, and no, I’m not quite planning to. I have an incorrigible sweet tooth, and it aches for this behemoth of a chocolate souffle.

their other desserts are pretty much up there with the best I’ve had locally, but it’s the souffle that shines – there’s some magic in the substantial lightness, and all the textures and temperatures in it. I could wax lyrical all day (and I’ve done it once before), but really, just look at it – chocolate sauce dribbling down the side while creme fraiche and ice cream sink their slow way into that airy nest of chocolate.


but you’ve heard me say all this before – so I’ll try to spare you further expostulation. suffice to say that the standard’s consistent, the chocolate deep and satisfying – well worth any gym-rat behavior.

we also managed two other desserts this time – a deconstructed banana cream pie of creme brulee, chocolate pearls and a caramel banana ice cream; and a chocolate hazelnut marjolaine cake with caramel popcorn and salted popcorn ice cream.

both were pretty good – and I especially liked the the chocolate-hazelnut slice (though I might be biased as a newtella addict), though the accompanying popcorn seemed a little staleish. small detail though – we lapped everything up.

the place is dark and intimate, service friendly and efficient – and really, the prices aren’t low but I’m more than happy to spend it here for the quality and portions. most definitely my favorite place here.

Cut by Wolfgang Puck
2 Bayfront Avenue,
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (Basement),
Singapore 018956
tel +65 6688 8517
$$: each dessert = almost-a-steal at twenty-four

10 thoughts on “cut by wolfgang puck, bayfront (take 2)

  1. wanted to have this as my birthday “cake” last weekend but i dont know they only serve it during dinner. bummer! so after a quick lunch at pizzaria mozza, we went to db bistro moderne for dessert. not too bad i would say.. :)

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