hong kong sheng kee dessert, city hall

pretty terrible renditions of asian desserts at the crowded basement of raffles city. I’m not sure it’s completely fair to post this right after the lovely specimen of dessert I showed you yesterday, but this place is pretty dismal. it’s the barest interpretation (and most commercial extraction) of chinese tongshui (dessert) in a rather dingy corner, probably only good for the strongest and most debilitating of cravings.

I can only guess it’s survived here because it really is very cheap, especially for town.


if you’re a purist – the sort that flies overseas for mountainous mango snow ices and ephemerally light egg/milk puddings, and scoffs at the offerings here in singapore – you’re going to want to keep away from this place. I’m not particularly fussy – I haven’t had the purported real deal in years, but this was bad even for me. it’s essentially canned and processed fruit, plainly commercial (and soulless) jellies and accoutrements – don’t expect subtle flavors or skill here, it’s literally whack-it-on-a-plate-for-a-bare-fascimile-of-the-original.

but, if for some (odd) reason, you do find yourself here anyway, then I recommend the carrot cake. it takes a while for them to heat it up, but it comes hot with golden fried onions and slivers of spring onion – soft and yieldingly tender, rather a decent rendition.

low chairs, self-service and a rather dingy atmosphere, it’s probably best to keep away.

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert
#B1-79 Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103
$: five desserts + one yam cake + one drink = two-nine

p.s. if you’re in the mood for a sweet something in raffles city, the ice cream at awfully chocolate is one good option.

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