the versatile blogger award

versatile blogger award

the very talented sophia at silk and spice and michelle at bite by michelle were kind enough to give me this award (thank you very much!) – these women are great cooks and brilliant photographers, so I feel very humble and grateful that they would.

as part of the award, I now have to figure out seven facts to tell you about myself – but safe ones, right, so I won’t have to kill you after telling:


  1. I spent 10 years in a convent – much for the better, I imagine, though I’m sure some might disagree.
  2. I have a fierce love for somewhat trashy books – my partner doesn’t understand it, but that doesn’t matter!
  3. if I don’t have dessert – I stay hungry no matter how much I’ve eaten.
  4. with my impossibly weak arms and no dough hook, bread-making is one skill I’ve yet to master.
  5. I can read pretty fast: one book in three hours!
  6. I have a weakness for good conversation and language.
  7. I have just taken up squash – and almost every game sees my partner being mysteriously hit on the back by the ball (it wasn’t me, I swear!)

my nominations for the very versatile blogger award

ninja munchies
just nice stuff
outlook in life
the thankful heart
witchin’ in the kitchen
bunny. eats. design.

thank you again, sophia and michelle!

to pass it on, thank the blogger who nominated you (I accept presents too! semi-kidding, of course), note seven things about yourself you’d like to share, and nominate other bloggers!

10 thoughts on “the versatile blogger award

  1. Really enjoyed reading your facts and found some great new blogs to follow! Thanks so much for including me – I love your blog so it means a lot!

  2. congrats and good to know some facts. u know what, perhaps, we could do this kinda sharing our next lunch/dinner meetup. the i-know-you-but-not-really-but-still-i-wanna-show-interest-but-arkward-facts-we-need-to-share session should be fun. ok, no, not a good idea.

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