crystal jade dining in, harbourfront

really good family-style dimsum at vivocity – I mean family-style in the best possible way: I think yumcha is best for large noisy family meals. I’ve been to my fair share of posher establishments where the dining is more european-quiet and your dimsum arrives in dainty dishes – but there’s nothing quite like sitting down to a meal in a restaurant where everyone is just as loud, and over-eating as you are.

well-executed dimsum classics in this mainstay singaporean chain – with reasonable prices and a great view overlooking sentosa, this place is a favorite.


cold marinated jellyfish | traditional sweet-chilli preparation

I suspect you’ll soon go bored of me telling how good the food is, so let’s just cut the verbose short: there wasn’t a single thing I didn’t like. it’s dimsum that’s familiar and comforting, so while it’s not going to score high on innovation – it will get you points with the parents/in-laws/guests for having had the genius of bringing them here for classics-done-good.

(you’re welcome, by the by).

shark’s fin dumpling in soup | silky in a very delicious broth

siew mai

shark’s fin dumpling | quite tasty, but not so interesting when cold

beancurd-wrapped prawn rolls

steamed rice rolls wrapped around prawns and scallops | my favorite dimsum dish, and very well done here: silky and delicate but substantial

lotus-leaf wrapped glutinous rice, steamed charsiu buns | dimsum classics

salt-and-pepper squid | quite a modern taken on a traditional dish, with large pieces of squid in a crispy batter

stir-fried crab meat with egg white | must-order – so delicious: soft scrambled egg whites stirred through with crab meat and a raw yolk

sauteed baby greens in superior broth

century-egg porridge | this is proper stodgy cantonese congee in a large portion, and very filling

red-bean jelly | very good: not-too-sweet, with the flavor of the beans contrasted by rich coconut milk

we ate a heck of a lot, and left very happy – the bill was surprisingly small, the place was packed but service was quick if a little hectic, and the food was great. terrific.

Crystal Jade Dining In
#01-112 VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
tel +65 6278 5626
$$.5: one-forty for four

11 thoughts on “crystal jade dining in, harbourfront

  1. Ew, I don’t do cold dim sum (unless they are meant to be cold). I like them piping hot, even if it is scalding :)

    Yum cha is reasonably priced here. Singapore dollar is comparable to the NZ dollar and last time I went to yum cha I paid $78NZ for 5 people. We were seated right next to the kitchen which I consider to be the very best table. Every dish came out piping hot and they never ran out because we were the first table they saw.

    The stir-fried crab meat with egg white looks interesting. I have never had that dish before. Looks very mild but delicious.

    • that’s actually really cheap – and much cheaper than I would think over where you’re at! we can get dimsum at that price here – but for the fancier restaurants we’re looking at 20-30 onward. next to the kitchen is the best! especially if they have dimsum trolleys (which are sadly dying out here).

      the stir-fried crab meat is a very uncommon dish even in singapore, and I think I’ve really only started eating it the last few years. it’s just very softly scrambled egg whites (super fluffy), stirred through with a bit of crabmeat (that I think is cooked in a slightly starchy gravy), and then that raw yolk on the top just adds some extra richness. usually they serve it at table all pretty, then mess mix it all up into individual bowls, then you add loads of pepper and black vinegar to taste. with your skills, probably a cinch to cook up at home!

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