of porridge for autumn

yes, I live in singapore.
yes, we have a blazing sun, and temperatures that average the three-zero.
and no, our tropical climate doesn’t allow for the seasons.

but for some reason, I’ve been craving warmer flavors like pumpkin and spices like cinnamon – and those are no-brainer additions to my daily bowl of hot porridge. here’s some inspiration if you’re thinking of shaking up your hot-bowl routine:

  1. toasted almond meal makes for a fragrant protein addition to breakfast (which should help with keeping those hunger pangs away a couple more minutes or so)
  2. mixing store-bought ground spices (yes, the horror) into oatmeal works best when it’s just been cooked thick and hot, before you add your milk – they tend to float above liquidy mixtures without properly homogenizing
  3. and a mixture of grains makes for the best porridge – great texture, nutty flavor, and higher nutrition. my current favourite = pearl barley + cracked wheat + cracked rye = delicious.

p.s. porridge recipe here, if you’d like your own bowl of comfort in the morning. I cook and portion out at night, before a 3-minute nuke in the morning: fuss-free and completely brainless.

8 thoughts on “of porridge for autumn

  1. oh yes, autumn is my favourite season…the gorgeous foliage and awesome cool-but-not-freezing weather, and the fact that thanksgiving is coming up soon too….turkeylicious here we come!

  2. clever you – cook night before – nuke in the am :) – whenever I make porridge it ends up like cement, reminds me of my childhood in the UK, where my mum also made cement like porridge I guess, but has no other redeeming features. I will give your recipe a shot as here it is cold, rainy, grey and temperatures in the 30° havent been seen for weeks…..

    • oh dear – gummy porridge is the worst. I’ve found the trick when I’ve added too little water when cooking, is to add alot of water/milk (much more than you’d expect) when nuking it, and then stir it through.. and add more when eating :D

      I hope it works! and I cannot tell you how jealous I am of your cold weather :( I miss it very much!

      • Hello there – I had a lovely porridge for breakfast this morning, we cannot get the English steel cut oats, oats here are more delicate, however still turned out lovely, forgot how nice it is when it’s cold outside. Have some rye grains in my freezer which make a lovely porridge too, must go dig them out! I can imagine you’d miss the seasons, I complain about our weather but I am glad to live somewhere with seasons, I do like the autumn morning crispness, my only gripe is that the winter period here is a bit long this year it was april before the sun came out!

      • I’m glad about the porridge! but I have a feeling the grass is always greener – I would love to get some cold weather here, and feel that biting cold on my cheek again.

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