chatuchak weekend market, bangkok (take 1)

grilled sweet-and-sticky marinated pork skewers (so delicious!) | every-kind-of-‘ball you could want

there’s no better way to start a deluge of bangkok posts than with the famed chatuchak weekend market – a market square north of the city centre that’s packed with stalls selling nearly everything you could want (and most likely don’t need).

we went with the best of intentions – there are zones demarcated by category (the work of an optimist, really, as the whole place is really just a mix-and-match of stalls that set up wherever they can) – but we ended up just doing a stroll through alleys that caught our eye. which might, actually, mean we covered not half of the market that afternoon.

but you’re here for the food – so let’s go!


big-head prawns grilled with some deliciously-burnt shells – incredibly meaty and full of that seafoody sweetness (and so cheap at barely 8sgd a basket!)

what the market is, really, is an education in how well you can eat in thailand without ever stepping into a brick-and-mortar institution. stalls are set up every couple of steps selling delicious-looking-and-smelling (-and-usually-tasting) food of every kind: fresh cut fruit, meat skewers, fried chicken skin, whole salt-grilled fish – the list is endless and rather hunger-inducing.

cantonese-style roast pork (or siew yoke), sold in a huge slab or chopped up – layered with belly fat and a crisp, bubbled golden skin

when in bangkok, wake hungry – and skip that hotel breakfast. there’s so much on offer, at prices that are still ridiculously low, and we’ve found it to be both safe and extremely gastronomically-rewarding to eat at street stores.

best bet? go to a stall where the thais queue up at.

sugar-coated-and-cooked sticks of tamarind | adorably tiny fritters of fish cake and chicken balls – you’ll find fried bits-of-things like this all over the market

an asian tradition – bit of meat paste moulded to resemble other bits of meat (like those prawns in the corner), as well as sausages spliced to form different shapes | and what’s in this jar? next post!

more to come!

Chatuchak Weekend Market
to get there: take the BTS to Mo Chit station, take exit 1, and follow the crowds past the garden and into the market square

12 thoughts on “chatuchak weekend market, bangkok (take 1)

  1. so much meats! i think what’s attractive to the eyes is the sheer amount of everything you get to see (but not completely polish off)!

    • it’s a (I’m going to go all singaporean here) gastrohub!

      I wish I had space to eat everything though :( but I have figured out the mathematics for the ideal group size when visiting:

      x ∈ Z, where x is the number of fishballs on a skewer

  2. Wow, this place is fascinating! Amazing photographs. I can’t believe that they bother to mold meat paste into ‘meat shapes’. Sounds like so much trouble… interesting though. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • if you take a look at those orange ‘prawns’ on the bottom left, they are actually fish paste molded into the curves of a prawn and dyed for even more realism..

      you should venture into your local asian store, and give these a go :D

  3. Great photos! I didn’t last long visiting this market, there were just too many people! I remember getting coconut milk ice cream though and it was fabulous. Thanks for sharing your photos with us :)

    • thank you very much! I know, it was such a crush – we were lucky we visited during thailand’s tourism off-peak, or I’d bet we’d barely be able to walk around.

      stick around please, more photos are coming (: and thank you for being so kind to stop by.

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