chatuchak weekend market, bangkok (take 2)

if you’re vegetarian/health-and-veg conscious, then you might have been slightly scared off chatuchak by my earlier photos of only meaty items – for that I apologize, as it’s more than a slight representation. the only reason you don’t see the lovely leaf-wrapped sticky rice, steamed maize, countless sweets and fresh cut fruit on offer is that I was busy eating slightly distracted.

tiny quail eggs cooked in a takoyaki-style pan (how cute!), and served up with dashes of sauce


thai tea stall stocked with cans of condensed milk and pots of tea

it’s going to be impossible to tell you everything they sell there – so take this more as a dummy’s-guide-to, and then go forth and explore!

there are some things that are rather famous though: thai iced tea and coconut ice cream. the former is thick and firmly sweet, and incredibly heavy on the condensed milk; and the latter scoops of snow-white ice cream served in hollowed-out coconut shells and your choice of topping(s).

from top left: roasted peanuts, sweet corn kernels, coconut shavings, palm seeds, red ruby and kidney beans.

if you’re new to this, I suggest the red ruby (nubblets of coated water chestnut pieces), attap seeds (chewy and slightly-sweet palm seeds), as well as a spoon of those tender kidney beans.

the ice cream itself isn’t as coconutty as you might expect – more like a vanilla ice cream that’s been made with coconut water/milk in place of dairy. worth a try, but not phenomenal.

and just to prove that I don’t merely take photos of food, here are some of the cutest embroidered children’s shoes I’ve seen.

Chatuchak Weekend Market
to get there: take the BTS to Mo Chit station, take exit 1, and follow the crowds past the garden and into the market square

8 thoughts on “chatuchak weekend market, bangkok (take 2)

  1. that coconut ice cream is what i look forward to go back to chatuchak every time im back in bkk. i remembered another stall that sells the same coconut ice cream just outside of Platinum Shopping mall. if you’re back anytime soon, drop by and give it a try!

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