sabx2/pratunam wanton mee and stewed pork trotters, bangkok

decent braised pork trotters and wanton noodles – though rather overhyped – in the heart of pratunam. so this place is pretty famous – I had never heard of it before coming, but the partner found it on someone’s facebook and hey, one google led to many results.

this is going to be a two-faceted recommendation: if you were brought up in an asian country on the best bounciest noodles and juicy red roast pork, this place is skippable; if not, this would be a fantastic introduction to a decent plate of noodles and chinese-style trotters.


it was pretty much luck that this place was literally round the corner from our hotel, so we popped here for a rather quick breakfast. the place is casual, and reminiscent of those hongkongese cha chaan teng – a tea cafe of sorts serving basic dishes – a little muggy with steaming food and the heat from outside.

the noodles themselves come in a rather small – and stingy – portion of springy yellow noodles, topped with a smattering of greens and red roast pork (known as charsiu) and a couple of soup dumplings. the noodles were probably the best part of the dish – bouncy and chewy as they ought to be, but the accompaniments were rather lackluster.

the partner did like how there were nicely-cooked bits of lard atop the noodles, though – these bits of fat are gradually disappearing in singapore in light of a (thankfully) more health-conscious public and so very treasured when they appear.

I went for the pork trotters myself – and rather liked them better. the pork was tender, the accompanying skin chewy but yielding – all of it braised in a deeply savory sauce that would be brilliant on rice. it was served with an egg and preserved vegetables, both of which cut through the strong flavours –

but bewarned. this is a particularly garlicky brew (which I love), so keep away if that isn’t your inclination.

so the food was decent, and a pleasant enough way to start the morning, but I’m not sure it deserves quite as much hype as it’s received. it was cheap, but more expensive than I expected in the local context, and portions are small – swing by if you’re in the neighborhood, but otherwise bangkok has a lot more to offer.

SabX2 Pratunam Wanton Noodles
4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19
Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand
tel +66 2 653 9618
$.5: a bowl of noodles and a single portion of trotter = more than twelve sgd

p.s. the best way to get here is to locate the shibuya 19 fashion mall (which is opposite the platinum fashion mall). stand outside the shibuya mall facing it, and you’ll see a lane on the right side of the building, next to the macdonalds. this is soi 19 – follow the lane down, and the store (photo above) is on your right.

p.p.s. strictly between breakfast and teatime only, as they open from 0900-1600.

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