oktoberfest asia 2013 (singapore), keppel bay

I am bearer of late food news – but I thought it was worth sharing how much fun we had last wednesday at singapore’s first proper oktoberfest. held within a thankfully-air-conditioned canopy at the posh marina at keppel bay (yacht-park of our high-flyers and big-spenders), it was a noisy, yuppie-filled, modern take on oktoberfest – lots of german beers on tap and a couple of classic dishes.

… and a bit of standing on the benches with glasses in the air.

how did you spend your oktoberfest?


I was impressed with how technologically-savvy the event was – you get an electronic wristtag on entering, top it up (and well you should, as the event ain’t the cheapest), and then get into the main canopy to mingle with the other post-work yuppies.

start with a beer (or water, if you’re a teetotaler as yours truly), and let the festivities begin.

you got a choice of four dishes furnished by paulaner and werner’s oven, each priced at a rather expensive (but not unexpected) twenty-five: beef goulash, a traditional pork knuckle, a sausage platter and meatloaf. we got the sausages – which came as two with some of the best, freshest-tasting sauerkrauts I’ve had and mash, as well as the pork knuckle (which I think was the best deal of the night). the skin was a little tough, and though there were a couple bits of tough, dry meat, it was on the whole tender, not-excessively fatty, and porky without gaminess.

there was also a rather generous ladle of tasty brown gravy ladled over the knuckle and mash, though the sauerkraut here I enjoyed a little less – cut a little too finely so it felt soggier and you barely tasted the sweetness of the cabbage.

the goulash was apparently also decent, too, though I had none of it. I wish the portions were a little more generous though – you certainly don’t visit oktoberfest to skimp on the calories or festivities, and only the pork knuckle had any chance of filling you up that night.

there were snacks like nuts and pretzels available if you were so inclined, as well as more german beer than I’ve seen for a long time.

the place was fantastically chilled (metaphorically and literally, from some powerful air conditioning), the music was loud, the germans on stage were dancing, and it gave me a reason to finally get down to the marina to have a look at what’s what. it’s a good night out with friends – just bring the cash.

Oktoberfest Asia 2013
Marina at Keppel Bay
16-19 October 2013

thanks to yelp for hosting!

our growing edge

this was my first oktoberfest, and a fitting contribution to the monthly link party, our growing edge, which connects food bloggers and inspires us to try new things. this month’s party is hosted by Alice at nom nom cat – and if you’ve had any new food experiences this month, come and join us!

4 thoughts on “oktoberfest asia 2013 (singapore), keppel bay

  1. That sure looks like hearty food, even if it didn’t quite fill up as expected. I find that I have to have a good meal if I’m drinking and I guess that’s why “pub food” is the way that it is. Even though I drink beer every week, I’ve never been to an Octoberfest. How did it feel not drinking beer? Is it strange or quite common?

  2. Oh, you tease. Go to the Oktober Fest, recover, and then blog about it. ;)

    It looks like you had a fantastic time.

  3. Oh… being half Bavarian, I am so jealous! Wish I could taste that pork hock! And the red cabbage! and the sauerkraut with sausages! You are so lucky!

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