batterworks + nylon coffee roasters, outram park

back with a singapore post, and this time we’re in the hipster neighborhood of everton park. it’s a quaint, quiet, old neighborhood that’s recently seen the entrance of young hipster establishments full of their concrete naturalness, too-cool-for-school carelessness, and questionable gastronomy.

most people come here for the coffee – but I came lured by the offer of cake.


it’s a row of tiny cafes at the ground floor of a block of flats, each rocking an industrial persona and kitschy air. most have limited seating, but when you’re young and dappered, who needs to sit?

we stepped into batterworks – a tiny cafe next to the coffee roasters – for a sit-down and a selection of cake, while the coffee-addicts queued for their jo.

this is going to be short: the cakes were uninspiring, but inoffensive. tiny slivers sit in a quaint glass counter – a chocolate amande, an austrian apple-filled cheese torte, and various tarts and mousses. the first was a slightly dry, crumbly slice of chocolate almond cake topped with a rich, sturdy fudge; the second also slightly dry (though this might possibly be authentic), though the apple filling certainly made it more interesting.

more interesting were their so-called “mousses”, which really were a heavy, dense mixture rather disparate from the airy fluffiness you’d expect. this, however, made the chocolate mousse the best dessert of the day: you were literally eating ganache by the spoon.

my friends were satisfied with their coffees, and the cakes certainly lubricated conversation (and our hips) – even if they weren’t the satisfying confections I had hoped for. all slightly dry, though thankfully not-too-sweet – a good accompaniment to coffee, but highly skippable.

Blk 43 Everton Park, #01-42
Singapore 080004
tel +65 6438 2208

Nylon Coffee Roasters
Blk 4 Everton Park, #01-40
Singapore 080004
tel +65 6220 2330

6 thoughts on “batterworks + nylon coffee roasters, outram park

  1. this is going to be short: the cakes were uninspiring, but inoffensive. – whoa – you could hardly write a more damning sentence about a place :) the cakes look luscious though, which if you are in hip area and hip yourself might be all that counts? Also liked the lubricated hips – rare and dangerous effect of having your cake and eating it!

  2. hah! ive been to both places and i actually don’t know the cake shop is called batterworks. haha. nylon coffee is more of a takeaway coffee joint rather than a place to sit and enjoy (not too sure about now), but when i was there in April, there were only less than 5 chairs inside resulting the bunch of us had to cramp and put all our coffees and cakes on top of a metal box outside nylon. bad experience. not going back there again.

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