backend work: geographical gastronomy

I’ve been rather frustrated with indexing my posts since starting andmorefood – I was never sure what would be useful for you guys in navigating the posts, and all that manual listing on the previous out-and-about page was both tedious (and didn’t seem quite worth all the effort for turning out merely as a long and rather meandering list).

so let’s try something new, shall we? I’ve just spent a couple of days trying to organize the posts onto maps – so that you can find restaurants near places you’ll be visiting, or use for planning out your days. I’ve also reinstated the search bar, just in case you’re looking for something specific

you’ll see it all here on geographical gastronomy, listed also on the sidebar. let me know what you think?


p.s. the blog turned two years old just a few days ago: this calls for cake – and thank you all for sticking around!

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