mos burger (central world), bangkok

it is friday, y’all – so I’m taking it easy on the bloggin’, and so should you. perhaps a snack mid-morning.

I stopped eating fast food (in general – the big M’s hotcakes still slide in) nearly 8 years ago – just sharing, not proselytizing, so all the exposure I get to it now are mostly through the partner (a man’s gotta get his fries, right?)

so we popped by mos burger during a hot afternoon’s break in bangkok, and found out that they actually have a menu option of a fries+onion rings combo! this used to be one of my favorite chains (aeons ago) for the rather high-quality fast food dining experience: you’ve got to wait, but the food comes piping hot and freshly-cooked, their offerings are usually an awesome japanese interpretation that breaks the monotony of burgers-n-chips (rice burgers with shrimp and eel? yes please!), and it’s served to your table in these lovely baskets and gorgeous wrapping.

the fries and rings were crazy hot and well-browned when they arrived at table – but were quite a bit on the greasy side, disappointingly. not that the partner had any problem finishing them off with ketchup and chilli, no no.

it’s a good quick break, and hey – with a glass of cola (deliciously more vanilla-tasting here than in singapore) – sometimes, there’s no better way to escape the heat and while off a bit of time.

do you guys get mos where you are, and do you like it too? have a great weekend!


Mos Burger (Central World Plaza)
7F Central World
999/9 Rama 1 Road
Pathum Wan, จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร
Bangkok 10330, Thailand

7 thoughts on “mos burger (central world), bangkok

  1. This place sounds so intriguing – rice burgers with shrimp and eel! I’m visiting Bangkok next Feb so will have to give it a try. Your photo are always stunning by the way!

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