marugoto shokudo, ang mo kio

so there is great mid-range japanese, acceptably-decent mid-range (in the form of the previous post), and bad mid-range (that come with inexplicably high prices) – the latter of which is what I’m concerned with today.

the camera is a kind godmother to this purveyor of a bad experience – so take the photos as a chance to view but never experience this place – and perhaps it suffices to say that we did not enjoy this meal, and won’t be coming back.


I suppose it started off innocently enough – the place looks great outside and in, though the lack of people in the place should probably have set off ringing bells (especially seeing as how it’s right smack in a crowded heartland and it was a friday night). the menu is indistinct from many places of its class – bentos and ala carte dishes shown in bright-lit photos.

and at first bite, the food tasted alright. more-than-decent, even – but as the meal went on, we felt more and more uncomfortable. it’s a strange, difficult-to-expouse feeling – I don’t want to be too dramatic (though will likely sound a bit cuckoo here) but it felt like there was something bad going on with the food AND THE BODY KNEW IT.

we didn’t finish the dishes.

we gave up about three-quarter way into the meal – not really finishing our food (which is so out-of-the-norm it should be alarming) – went to get the what-are-you-serious?!-ly high (relative both to utility and its class), and left.

just to add on far-too-much-information, my mum had a tummy upset after the meal – that could or could not have been caused by the meal here. but really, it was just mold on the cake (as opposed to icing, haha – ok, not funny?). and if it wasn’t clear – I don’t really recommend this place.

hope you enjoyed the photos at least!

Marugoto Shokudo
Unit 01-07 , Broadway Plaza
4190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
Singapore 569841
tel +65 6451 2822
$$$: what on earth?! = almost 40 a head

6 thoughts on “marugoto shokudo, ang mo kio

    • I think it was a mixture of both – but I can’t quite put my finger on it. there was just this negative vibe I can’t explain – it’s that slight nauseous feeling you get when you’re sick (though none of us were, and the feeling was gone when we left). perhaps our bodies recognized something our taste buds didn’t? in all fairness and objectivity, the food was probably fine, but we were unaccountably uncomfortable the whole time. have you ever had that?

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