nassim hill bakery, tanglin

oh, I couldn’t resist a gif – you’ll forgive me, yes? for I bring you one of my newest favorites to help with your weekend brunch planning – so good I returned a second time in a matter of three days (sometimes you have to give in be kind to yourself).

both times, i was surprised at such fantastic execution of brunch classics – it’s good, simple cooking done well; big portions I want for a meal that marries the best of the morning and the start of the afternoon; a beautiful space with beautiful people and the option of champagne.

you’re very welcome.


for a country of people increasingly concerned with brunch – it’s no longer just the hip young mums you’re contending with – it’s surprisingly difficult to find a place that ticks all the right boxes (and doesn’t charge you a pretty penny for the honor).

this place has been on my radar for the longest time – it’s incredibly foolish that it took me quite so long to get here, so don’t make the same mistake. everything we had was better-than-average and well on its way to excellent, so let’s start with that.

a plate of three american-type pancakes came with a scoop of blueberry ice-cream, berry compote, crumble sprinkles, and REAL maple syrup. just the pancakes and syrup would have sufficed, but it’s certainly the best of dilemmas in deciding which condiment would best savor each bite.

the hot reuben is a house specialty – and deservedly so.

no mere ‘wich here: it’s a hearty wholegrain beer bread with enough structural integrity to hold the melting morass of cheese, sauerkraut and corned beef in, served alongside a fresh green salad. quite completely delicious, and properly rave-worthy.

on my second visit, I had the grilled cajun chicken on wholegrain; not nearly as fantastic as the hot reuben, but this was a very generous portion of marinated chicken stuffed between actually-crunchy leaves and another bit of good bread.

(fantastic with lots of ketchup, which is a childhood affliction I’m not over yet.)

both the poached and scrambled eggs were decently done too – did you see the oozey yolks up top?

but you must finish with the waffles – dark-brown belgians with crunchy exteriors but still creamy enough inside, dusted with icing sugar and served with more of that delicious syrup. the sausage alongside was tasty enough but superfluous to my thinking (but I’m rather one-tracked in sweet consumption) – it’s a hearty breakfast or a could-I-have-more-please dessert.

this is as sparkling a review I can write while being objective, and really – just give it a go, it’s pretty darn brilliant.

Nassim Hill Bakery
#01-03 Tanglin Post Office
56 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247964
tel +65 6835-1128
$$: brunch comes out at twenty a head, averagely

12 thoughts on “nassim hill bakery, tanglin

    • welllllll. for this place I might break the return trip rule :D

      BUT zeek has been here before too, so I’m going to blame us not coming here on him!.. just so he doesn’t have to repeat a place.

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