fish & co., tampines

I’ve done fish & co before, and I know people scoff at it – as they do many of the chains – but hey, I like it.

not so much this branch though, and here’s why (hey, a list!):

  1. we were kept waiting in a queue while there were empty tables inside;
  2. numerous staff were walking about looking busy without never actually helping (manager included, and probably doing it best – in that she was worst);
  3. tables were cramped together so you had to hear your neighbor’s conversations (and get dragged into their birthday song-singing). it’s more than enough to make a person more schizophrenic.
  4. and the utensils came sticky (eew). and then they took them away, told us they had to wash the entire basket AND THERE WERE NONE LEFT IN THE STORE FOR US TO USE AT THAT MOMENT, and left us waiting with our rapidly-cooling food on the table.

seriously, what?!


but they were polite and so smiley at you, which I guess should make things better – it probably says something about me that I wish they were a little more hostile so I could kick up a fuss at how badly organised the place was.

but now that I’ve got that off my chest, this is a public service announcement: they have switched out their watery, musty-herb-smelling/destroying, over-boiled-and-dried-out (a combination that must be supernatural) carrot and radishes for lovely, tender, orange slices of baked pumpkin. seasoned slightly with some sort of spice mix and salted well, these make my swordfish collar meal even better.

p.s. skip the squid sides – the fried one is a monstrous ball of nothingness stuffed with radioactive orange cheese, and the grilled one here was so obviously-and-heavily brined that it was just a salty mess. pity though, as it’s large and I just love squid.

Fish & Co. (Tampines One)
10 Tampines Central 1
#04-11 Tampines 1
Singapore 529510
tel:+65 6260 0183
$$: a meal averages the twenty a head

2 thoughts on “fish & co., tampines

  1. quick aside: what on earth were u doing all the way at tampines?!

    anyways, back to the main topic: at the risk of being scoffed at by food snobs, i have to confess i’m actually quite okay with fish & co’s fish & chips too. *sheepish* i dont think they’re too bad. esp if u stick with just the fish & chips, and eat it hot coz it’s awful soggy. the lemon butter sauce is pretty good.

    • bernie, I have cravings for their swordfish collar. it’s gotten pretty serious in the last few weeks (I’ve been reducing new-place visits just because all I want are hunks of swordfish).. so you’re in a safe place! and on the aside, the partner suggested “we keep going to town, let’s explore somewhere else” – which is why I ended up here, and it’s also basically used up my quota for exploration for a LONG time :/

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