drury lane cafe, tanjong pagar

perhaps one of the loveliest of the hipster cafes I’ve been to in singapore – it joins the lonely department of caffeine in that estimation – really good food, and friend-certified coffee near chinatown.

well worth a visit, and repeats at that.

it was packed on a saturday afternoon, as most these places are, but we scored a seat on the lovely wooden crate of a table outside – brilliant for photography, and a good way to escape the rather stuffy non-ventilation indoors.

this was part two of a brunch outing, after a rather disappointing experience (which I’ll tell you about soon), so we only had space for a bit of coffee and sweets – just to fill up the space in our stomachs (and hearts) left empty from the first place.

the caramel chocolate tart was a lovely yin-yang type confection of buttery crust and flowy filling, and my muesli parfait a small portion (with similarly small price) of lovely oats in thick, sour yogurt and a swirl of berry compote.

I loved that little cup of muesli.

I really don’t appreciate coffee much, but my javaholic friends gave this place the thumbs up – and so I pass on their recommendation.

it’s a lovely space, manned by lovely people – service is a tad slow on account of their crowdedness, but it’s sincere, and the food is both reasonably-priced and tasty.

a shiner in its class. and, it gave me beautiful photos – for which I say thank-you and a I’ll-see-you-again-soon.

have a great weekend you guys!


Drury Lane
94 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Singapore 088515
tel +65 6222 6698
$.5: the muesli, coffee and tarts averaged at five-or-less each

11 thoughts on “drury lane cafe, tanjong pagar

  1. Great photos! If it’s comparable to the Department of Caffeine then it sounds like it’s worth a visit. Thanks for the recommendation! Xx

  2. maybe I should accept the title of QOC gracefully. thank you for the good times, and for making me laugh at how crazy we get with food.

    @rachel (can she see this) – My recs are always DOC and Drury Lane for the area (and not only the area) because they do good food and good coffee. One should not be without the other ;)

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