chewy junior, serangoon

since I’ve never had a piece of this myself, I’m leaving you the words of my rather manic sister (upon finding out that I had bought her a couple) – if it isn’t clear, the words in green are mine:

for the rest of you who aren’t quite in-the-know (so to speak), this chain of bakeries churns out mochi-type-chewy choux puffs stuffed and topped excessively with permutations of cream, custard and various glazes. it looks far too sweet for me – so I suspect it’s going for a younger demographic – but it’s inexpensive, and comes in sufficiently large variety should you wish to give it a try.


Chewy Junior (North @ Nex)
#B2-49A NEX (near Cold Storage)
23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 556083
tel +65 6634 3710
$: a-dollar-eighty a piece

5 thoughts on “chewy junior, serangoon

  1. Walked past this very outlet almost every single day during my 9-day stay in Singapore last week (the bf and I had a habit of wandering the aisles of NEX’s Cold Storage)… AND I NEVER THOUGHT TO BUY ANY OF THEIR PUFFS EVEN THOUGH THEY CONSTANTLY BECKONED TO ME WITH THEIR PROMISES OF SWEET, CHEWY AMAZINGNESS.

    That picture. DROOL.

    • I LOVE COLD STORAGE TOO. have you been to the marketplace at the paragon, since we’re talking about supermarkets. it’s my favorite!

      and next time you visit, buy one :D my sister assures me it’s amazing (she’s going through at least one a day, these past weeks)

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