the fabulous baker boy, clarke quay

gorgeous space, beautiful-looking food – but a complete disappointment in the tasting.

the fabulous baker boy ain’t so fabulous, really.


I’m in a slight dilemma about this post, actually – it was disappointing in the most, but too mediocre to wreck rack my brains for any semblance of a rant.

let’s start with the good – the little compound it’s housed in makes for a beautifully relaxing hangout: an open porch, the allure of a historic-type building standing lone in a patch of green overlooking the colorful buildings of clarke quay.

pity really that it doesn’t make for great eating – and also a warning to all to take any hyping with a huge pinch of salt (and some medication for heartburn). this place was the blogosphere’s gloryboy for a long time, and we visited at the tail end of its run in the spotlight – and it was such a meh fumble of a meal.

it’s picturesque, certainly, and that applies to the food. the cakes are tall and beautifully-colored, the dishes come colorful and look as you’d expect (which makes for beautiful photographs, and probably this place’s prominence in blogs).

but the dishes are pretty humdrum. my salad with pumpkin was a sparse mound of leaves topped with bland pumpkin (caramelization of any sort would have really helped here) and served with a vinaigrette that seemed right out a bottle (luckily I got it on the side); a shepherd’s pie was full of potato and a barely-there layer of cheese, and you had to dig deep to get at the bit of gravied meat; while the eggs florentine came with a strange saute of minced spinach and garlic spread beneath (depriving you of any freshness that would come from the greens).

the biggest let-down of the meal though, were the cakes. I expect a fairly high standard if you describe yourself as fabulous, and those expectations were certainly bumped out by the display of more than ten cakes. all tall, all colorful, and as easily orderable as they are pinterest-able.

but the flavors? non-existing. the only thing you could taste was the dry sponge that seemed to make a showing in both our slices, a stale sort of crumbly butter cake. the icing was essentially colored-but-barely-flavored buttercream

we took a mouthful each, and stopped after the first bite.

so the meal is marked for me by our leftover slices of cake – which almost never happens. most slices of cake still turn out pretty much edible: it’s just butter, sugar and sweet stuff, no? but these were so bad we couldn’t ourselves to eat anymore – which is when we headed to the lovely drury lane for a brunch part two.

I would steer clear. even their coffee choices are small and apparently tastes just as mediocre – so not even worth a suggestion for a sit-down for a cuppa. wholly disappointing – and I’m not sure I’ve had my brunch plans so thwarted in a long time.

The Fabulous Baker Boy
70 River Valley Rd
Singapore 179037
tel +65 6694 8336
$$: brunch comes out at twenty a head, averagely

10 thoughts on “the fabulous baker boy, clarke quay

    • even we didn’t, and we definitely aren’t the shy withering sort! I suspect no one bothers enough to try and help them improve – and any enterprising person probably thinks more “I’ll set up my own cafe and show them what’s what!” instead, which might explain the proliferation of cafes (which you’re expert at, ahem).

      • Place looks great. Have yet to try their food. Was looking for reviews about the cafe because it has been receiving quite a lot of hype. The chef did leave you a message on your hungrygowhere review.

      • the hype, if this visit served as barometer, is undeserved. but he is a lovely person and very humble despite the not-positive stand I had, and so I hope you try it out and let me know what you think! the place really is beautiful.

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  2. Hi,
    there I am the Fabulous Baker boy himself, and I am really thankful on your feed back as most feedback as been thoroughly positive. I will try to work harder on my cakes and food..maybe we should do a collaboration on your blog and see where this goes..would love to try out some of your recipes. I am home baker and cook myself who just thought that this would be fun to do and i love doing this so much sitting in an office. So why not lets cook together..

    Would really love to try you delicious looking cakes and hear your thoughts about food. Looking forward to hear from you and you experience.


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