i’m instagrammin’, y’all


#emergedfromrock #nowinstagramming #intheknow #followmemaybe #soannoying

is it just me who wants to punch something after all those tags? there’s something about the new social media that puts me off because of the #deathoflanguage that occurs from all these #genwhicharetheynow who feel like they’re being all #cool by summarising their lives into ‘inventive’ space-less words that follow the criss-cross of a #tictactoe grid.

but I’ve decided to give a go at the browbeating encouragement of friends, and perhaps it might be a way for you to inject even more #food #photography into your life?

you will get me with _andmorefood (don’t forget the underscore), and I’m going to go wash those hashes off my hands and brains now, thank you.

on a more serious note, I awoke to news this morning of the riot in little india. please keep safe, open-minded – and let us all do our part to keep this peace that lets us sleep soundly at night, and remember our roles in helping ensure it stays this way for ourselves and our children, and all to follow.

have a good day, all of you.

2 thoughts on “i’m instagrammin’, y’all

  1. Oh I love this!! I am also struggling with the hashtagging business. After months of steadfast avoidance, I started a twitter account about one month ago. Mostly due to persuasion from other food bloggers as to the networking and business benefits. I now admit that twitter is fabulous for business purposes, but I still hate it. With a passion. I’m still refusing instagram but I may give in with time… x

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