porn’s, telok blangah

decent place for an easy thai lunch on the weekdays – not too expensive neither. so I believe the eponymous owner of this place gave rise to its rather audacious name (you must supposed that’s why it was done), but the food is not nearly as startling.

it’s decent thai food – the flavors are there, and I’m not one to argue authenticity – in a cafe setting, ever-so-slightly less commercial-feeling than the larger chains like thai express.


there are branches of this place popping up all over the island, and I suspect the secret behind its expansion is its rather populous-pleasing flavors. it’s not too sweet, not too salty, not too spicy and not too expensive, nor too cheap – which rather expands the demographic it attracts.

I came here for a better-than-the-hawker-centre but not-too-fussy lunch with friends on a working day, and it did us pretty well. there is a lunch offer available, the details of which escape me at the moment (the pitfalls of posting long after the event) – but I think it’s a combination of a main course and a drink for slightly less than a la carte.

we had the chicken cutlet with mango salad and rice (part of a lunch set), and two standalone salads: mango, and a seafood vermicelli one, as well as some stuffed chicken wings. all serviceable, and pretty alright – just as you’d expect from an establishment like this.

this is the only branch I’ve been to, and it’s pretty cosy. the place is a cosmopolitan concrete-furnished room with colorful wooden tables, service is succinct and slightly slow during a busy lunch time – though inoffensive, and the prices aren’t too bad. decent choice for a weekday lunch when you are slightly more bothered about what you eat – but not too much neither.

PORN’s (Safra Mount Faber)
2 Telok Blangah Way
Singapore 098803
tel +65 6274 0092
$$.5: lunch per person approximates fifteen

p.s. I forgot to mention – but the thai iced tea was pretty sweet and milky. I only wish the taste of the tea were stronger.

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