lola’s cafe, kovan

neighborhood hipster-type cafe with pretty food and mostly decent flavors – this I would rank amongst the middling ranks of hipster joints.

it had some lovely light streaming in though – gotta love that.


is it a sign of age that I can’t seem to abide bad service these days? I’m not quite fastidious (but of course it’s not something one just admits to), but the number of untrained staff that I’ve encountered at new eating places is baffling: is it me, or is it them?

this place was staffed primarily by students – young, and not quite well-trained – something I expect we’ll see more often now that school’s out and they make for low-cost labor, especially with these small cafes.

know just that you will arrive here to a full house on the weekends, and you might have trouble getting in.

when you do sit down though, the food is decent. it’s not the best cooking, but good-enough renditions of brunchy egg dishes and fried breakfasts. the portions are reasonably-sized, too, so you won’t leave hungry.

the draw of the place are their tarts – and some are really pretty good. we had the lime meringue, banana earl-grey brulee and salted chocolate tartlets (in order of increasing appeal) – tiny and adorable and thankfully tasty in fluted butter crusts.

stay away from the nutella tart though, for it had a strangely jellyish filling that tasted barely of that dark brown magic – insubstantial both in flavor and taste. I have a weakness for nutella (eataly, won’t you open here please?) and so my expectations were highest for this slice, and consequently most deflated. spreading a thick layer of the spread would have sufficed, really.

in short, adequately decent and great as a neighborhood cafe – but it’s not a destination worth too much effort in travel. although.. that salted chocolate tart might just about singlehandedly make a good enough point to visit.

Lola’s Cafe
5 Simon Rd
Singapore 545893
tel +65 6343 1808
$$: brunch comes out at twenty a head, averagely

8 thoughts on “lola’s cafe, kovan

    • do you figure sometimes though, that writing something like that could be incredibly unfair to the place? it’s such a quandary – like last week, I had possibly the worst dining experience ever, and it was a completely turnabout from the usual good service. I’ve no idea if I should write – and warn other people – or write it off (ooh, punny) and give them the benefit of the doubt!

      how do you solve that?

      • Now, I gotta be honest here, I don’t know much at all about Singaporean culture, or maybe it’s your UK influence but the sort of service I’m talking about would’ve warranted at least molotov cocktails from customers in the States. I do think I’ll eventually write that “worst service experiences ever” article & when I do, I gotta hear your opinion.
        Personally, I don’t think it’s unfair to the place because the places we’re talking about here are schmancy upscale places & they SHOULD endeavor to offer their customers the best experience ever. So if I go there & get a shit load of abysmal service they deserve to be scalded. If afterwards they come & apologize appropriately I’m happy to mention that as well.
        Now in your particular case, yes, I’d write about it but if you’ve had good experiences there before I wouldn’t write it off. If however you experience the same thing a 2nd time then I’d turn my back on it [not without making my opinion known of course].

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