blackbird cafe, dhoby ghaut

surprisingly good brunch food at this hideaway near the cathay. we had just caught a screening of the hunger games (no. 2), and boy, have you guys watched it? it’s incredibly exciting – though I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to thrillers and action flicks – and it seemed a good spot for brunch.

the food was good, prices reasonable – a much better option than one caramel that was previously here, in my estimation. and, it’s not overrun by hipsters or noisy teenagers – which makes brunch here the relaxing meal it ought to be.


we started with an avocado milkshake – and hello there, it was gorgeous. incredibly thick and luscious and probably hedonistically luscious – but it’s a vegetable, right – it was not-too-sweet even after you stirred in the thick dark gula melaka (dark palm sugar) they poured over the top.

I’m not one for milkshakes because they don’t often seem the indulgence, but I’ll drop by here just for this one. the avocado flavor was identifiable, the palm sugar a molassey foil to its greenness – plain delicious.

I wasn’t paying an incredible amount of attention to the mains after I caught sight of their cake-and-dessert counter (my sweet tooth is insatiable), but they did us well too. a sandwich of pulled pork and beetroot slaw came on pleasantly-chewy ciabatta on a stone slab, and that green salad on the side had just enough bitterness to cut through. it’s not a neat sandwich by any means – there was sauce and coleslaw dripping throughout bites, but it was plenty tasty.

as was my chicken salad, actually, though it came was a rather generic too-sweet-and-too-thick dressing that clearly got squeezed out a bottle. I got the dressing separate, as always, so it didn’t matter – but you might want to watch out for it. the greens were a generous mixed salad topped with slices of fried marinated chicken, very healthful and refreshing – and a good non-guilty choice considering the amount of sweet stuff I was contemplating.

we ended up too full – darn that oh-so-delicious milkshake – to have more than one dessert, but we rather lucked out with our choice of tiramisu, served in a large mason jar. it was a good creamy end to a decent meal.

it’s a good choice for a cafe in an area otherwise sparse of choice, and it doesn’t hurt that the food is decent and prices are reasonable. service is a little inattentive – friendly when it arrives, but they spend plenty time rather absently smiling at everyone without really noticing when our hands were raised.

Blackbird Cafe
#01-01A The Luxe
6 Handy Road
Singapore 229234
tel +65 63373448
$$: brunch comes out at twenty a head, averagely

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