da paolo bistrobar, rochester park

picture-perfect, beautifully plated brunch food at da paolo’s outpost in rochester park – it’s a little expensive, but the flavors are adequate; so this place escapes the bimbotic states of some places I’ve been to (by which I mean looks masking a lack of substance), and becomes a decent place for a relaxing meal away from the city.


if the food were more sparkling, this place would be utterly fantastic. the service staff are friendly, brunch gets eaten at the open-air porch of a beautifully-restored colonial-style building, and have you seen the colours on these photos?

but I won’t quibble – because I suspect the food is as technically well-executed as it probably could be, and the place ticks every other brunch-important box I can think of at the moment, and I think what the place lacks is that something-something, a sort of homeliness or feeling that I can’t seem to put my finger on.

it’s a huge brunch menu with all the classics and then some. there were three benedicts on the table – one grilled sirloin and sauteed spinach, a sauteed crab and watercress, and a smoked salmon and avocado.

the streaky bacon and savoury pancake came with both scrambed and poached eggs served between two american-style pancakes and some rocket.

and the guys had their grilled wagyu burger – full of parma ham and sweet caramelized onions between focaccia.

I don’t have much descriptors for the food – any detail is best on their online menu – and the meal struck all of us in the same way. the portions were on the more restrained side (which I think is more in line with yummy-mummy meals than my more gluttonous opinion of brunch), the food technically well-executed (but seemed to lack any feeling), and the prices high-ish without being unreasonable.

decentish brunch, beautiful space, good service – a surprisingly scarce trinity of positives.

Da Paolo BistroBar
3 Rochester Park
Singapore 139214
tel +65 6774 5537
$$.5: brunch comes out at thirty a head, averagely


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