jumbo seafood restaurant, changi (take 2)

I’ve done this place before, but we came back here for another bout of seafood – and it was great – so here’s a reminder that though driving here makes you feel almost like you’re at the edge of the earth (I might exaggerate a little), there is fantastic food to be found.

good, fresh seafood cooked classic singapore-style, with all the flavor and none of the pomp – nothing to stop you from really digging in with hands and teeth.

remember to make reservations though – the place gets terribly packed, especially on weekends.


Jumbo Seafood Restaurant (NSRCC)
SAFRA Resort
10 Changi Coast Walk
Singapore 499739
tel +65 6552 3435
$$.5: forty-fifty a person (with quite a bit of seafood)

3 thoughts on “jumbo seafood restaurant, changi (take 2)

  1. im happy to see that you’re eating and reviewing more asian food here in your blog. i think after sometime, we get too bored with the usual-italian-french-western fare, so a change is good. jumbo means good seafood as wild honey is to brunch – they are pretty consistent with their food and wont disappoint.

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