ah chew dessert, bugis

so-so dessert at this overhyped tongshui (cantonese 糖水, literally sugar-water, metaphorically dessert) cafe along purvis street. this place draws long queues and large crowds – and has so much business, in fact, that they stretch over two storefronts on this ‘ip-and-‘appening street in the bugis area.

it’s well-known for their dishing up of hong kong desserts (almost every blog will point you here) but I’m going to raise a dissenting hand here – what is that hype all about? my steamed egg custard wasn’t that smooth (and took an unbelievably long time to arrive), and all the other desserts that arrived at our tables didn’t impress neither.

I’d say this was on par with the mei hong yuen dessert chain that is much easier to find (and easier to get a seat at) – it feels commercial, and not in a good way neither.

my favorite dessert place remains gong he guan at 28 upper cross street – we’re talking two bowls of dessert per person, and cantankerous service. it’s not anything that rivals the marvels you’d get in hong kong, but as close as you’d get it here in singapore (my opinion, of course).


Ah Chew Dessert
#01-10/11 Liang Seah Place
1 Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189022
tel +65 6339 8198
$: four-a-bowl

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