6 thoughts on “san ho restaurant, hanoi

  1. Yeah I’ve never been and it’s just around the corner from me… Hanoi is not great on the seafood front as it’s never that fresh here except by virtue of the tanks and it is always overpriced!

    • actually, on the whole, I was wondering what the hype was about on food in hanoi – the meals we have in ho chi minh seem far more stellar, and there seemed to be more restaurants around! am I alone in this?

      • I would say that hcmc is much better for proper restaurants but for hanoi it is really all about the street food. None of which are replicated well in restaurants which try to offer lots of things. The best specialties of hanoi you should try are: banh cuon, bun cha, and cha ca. But not in a restaurant!

  2. Seafood don’t lie, it ain’t fresh you’re gonna be able to tell. So if it didn’t taste fresh to me as well that means it’s hyped. That creped bowl of rice looks super cute though!

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