group therapy coffee cafe, chinatown

we stopped here after a utterly brill dinner at etna (just downstairs from this place), just to grab a bit more dessert and coffee – really, just to give in to the greed.

it had high standards to live up to, as the cap to a great meal – but fell a tad short. our pecan tart – always a delight to order and anticipate in light of the gluttony that ought arrive – was definitely packed tight with nuts, but those lovely things were bound with a strange sort of caramel. not sticky, or fragrant with the flavours of burnt sugar, this seemed rather like a slightly gummy type of uhm, gum. not quite worth the calories, and I gave up just a bite in.

the drinks were pedestrian, but it was enough that night for us to sit down and chat. we’d had a good time with the italian meal downstairs – and this felt rather like a rather calming bit of something to tide us over till bedtime. objectively speaking, it wasn’t sparkling, and the queues are outrageous for something so.. normal. but it’s a bit of hideaway (though a crowded one), prices aren’t mad and the stuff isn’t terrible – so it might just work if you were in the area.


Group Therapy Coffee Cafe
49 Duxton Rd
Singapore 089513
tel +65 6222 2554
$$: perhaps a tenner-plus each for coffee and dessert

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