letoile cafe, farrer park

this place is very cute. it’s a pleasant little two-storey cafe in a part of little india I’ve never ventured to (thanks to carmen for the suggestion – it wasn’t even on my radar) – and escapes all hipster pretensions by being both incredibly homey and quaint at the same time. there’s a bit of that japanese homestay feel about it, with friendly service from the moment you step into the door, the little bits-and-bobs and magazines strewn across the store, as well as the generally frill-free decor of the place (not the deliberate frill-free scandi we’ve been seeing, but the sort that comes from a simple home).

and, the cake was great. given that I now expect to be disappointed more than not when having cake outside, this last point is vital.


we proceeded upstairs to the gorgeous natural light streaming through the day curtains and mismatched furniture to a pot of gryphon tea and some azuki matcha chiffon cake. it was soft, not too sweet, and the whipped cream applied with a judicious hand – impressive, especially since frosting is used every so often to mask mediocre cake (and I don’t even like frosting). the matcha was noticeable, complemented well by the chunky adzuki beans – one of the better cakes I’ve had recently.

it’s a very likable little place, though it can get pretty packed – and prices are reasonable. a true star.

Letoile Cafe
160 Owen Rd
Singapore 218953
tel +65 6298 2872
$: cake and a drink for a tenner

4 thoughts on “letoile cafe, farrer park

    • hello! it does look rather like a british grandma’s place, but it felt – when I was there – like the sort of cafe female japanese travellers go to with their super-guidebooks. it’s a quaint one!

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