the fat cat bistro, holland village

still very good food at this cafe-restaurant that relocated to the genial confines of holland village. it used to be a little closer to me, though definitely more inconvenient in its previous hideaway in serangoon – but it’s great that standards haven’t dropped, portions haven’t shrunk, and all that terrible jazz you associate with any drastic change in an eatery.

it’s almost a food court, with three distinct stalls operating within a single compound – just quite a lot classier. in its new location, it’s also spacious and rather cozily furnished, and a good choice for those large gatherings of friends where you’re looking for a not-shabby place that won’t break anyone’s budget.


I’ve actually done a post on this place before, and what I said then applies now too. the food is quality, prices more than reasonable for even a simple weekday dinner, and there’s plenty of choice from a menu that offers indian, thai, and that all-encompassing genre that is western.

this time, we went with thai fried rice (which was delicious and came as a large mounded dish), mushroom soup (enlivened with a judicious dash of truffle oil) and mushroom risotto (al-dente grains in a moist-to-wet execution) – but most of the meal was indian.

that east-asian bit is probably my favorite part of the menu: flavors are perky, everything is well-marinated and well-spiced, and the chicken is never dry. the mixed platter is a pretty good choice, with bits of prawn and fish and chicken, and those go well with the garlic naan – all browned and puffy from the tandoor. remember to get the raita too, which brings both a cool bit of hit and richness from that delicious yogurt.

it was rather a pleasant surprise that they hadn’t changed anything from the as-good-as-it-gets meal we had previously. service is friendly too, and the larger space (which includes an al-fresco patio if you’re so inclined) makes for a less-claustrophobic meal.

very good, and please keep it up.

The Fat Cat Bistro
17D Lorong Liput
Singapore 277731
tel +65 6333 9312
$$: we did about twentyfive-ish, but you could probably get by with less than

6 thoughts on “the fat cat bistro, holland village

  1. hmm. looks really good. the fat cat reminded me of another eatery – blah blah black sheep (?) where they have different types of cuisine serve under one roof as well. what’s with the animal related name and the almost same concept restaurant. haha. thanks to your photos, I am going indian tonight!

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