sushi goshin by akashi, suntec city

great food, and a good upper-market version of my favorite sushi tei chain – not that the two are connected in anything but the cuisine they serve, but they both have the same good-for-value vibe, in a casual but not shabby atmosphere well-suited for both weekday dinners and a weekend lunch (not that I’d turn down a meal here anytime).


we used to patronise akashi at orchard hotel, which is a tiny, more traditionally-arranged restaurant more aligned to fine dining, and with prices to match. not that the latter were anything unreasonable, but their servings began that shrinking game and the place lost our interest.

enter this young, yuppie outlet though, with value-for-money lunch sets and a convenient location in the new wing of suntec city. the food quality is as I expect from akashi, and servings here escape that rather miniature failing of its sister establishment.

there isn’t much to say when the food is this good – our sashimi slices were thick and fresh (almost a little too thick for me, but this goes up against personal preference) and almost too reasonably priced at slightly over thirty for that platter of good stuff; a seafood fried rice was expertly executed with that rather japanese magic of being mildly sticky enough to clump endearingly on the end of a chopstick, while at the same time maintaining its separate al dente looseness; and my favourite unadon came with a fat slab of moist barbecued eel (not too sweet or too-smothered in sauce) above well-cooked japanese rice. delicious, delicious.

service is attentive without obtrusion, and I’m still slightly surprised at what a good deal this place turned out to be – although rather expectedly, the tab at dinner will prove heavier than at the better-priced lunch times.

Akashi Sushi Goshin
#02-389/390/91/92 Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983
tel +65 6338 5760
$$.5: averagely thirty to forty

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