spathe public house, clarke quay

sigh, meh. it’s a friday and I’d hate to be depressing, but the food here falls right into the new-cafe-with-uninspiring-food category. it’s not the easiest cafe to get too, especially if you’re on public transport, impractical heels and under the (darn-it-still-blistering-) hot sun that so hates loves us in singapore. and at the end of the trip, to be smacked met with a lackluster brunch – well, it doesn’t make one cheery at having got up early, eh?

the best part of this meal was that they topped up my nutella without charging me anything, and service can be pretty friendly (when present).


I feel like a spoilsport, what with my bleak overview of cafes everywhere. the sheer mass of them popping up every which way in this tiny town makes you feel like there really ought to be something good going – but at present it feels like quantity has far outshadowed quality, with most of them just competing for the chance to provision me with a mediocre brunch.

I like brunch, right? and pancakes and waffles and all those mainstays, and even toast; I like toast. and jam, and chocolate, all things with more than enough sugar to make up for a great deal of sins. and even with these failings concessions, I find it rather difficult to find a place I’d want to return to week after week (none come to mind at the moment).

it’s not really that this place is so bad, but it did make me feel at the end of it a sort of bleakness at the multitude of sub-par brunches I’ve had recently. my waffle here was anaemic and sort of floppy, with a sort of limpness I associate with bad neighborhood-bakery style waffles (which at least charge far less); but at least it came with a decent (and then a second) serving of plain nutella (none of that nasty frosting some place like to serve instead).

there were croque madames, and truffle fries and fried chicken waffles strewn across the table – and while it’s certainly an inspiring menu, it’s didn’t quite leave us with that great an impression.

I would say, good if you’re in the area, good if you’re parked near, and good if you want a slightly quietish place for brunch (kid-friendly, I would think). prices aren’t outrageous, and portions veer on the just-a-bit-more-and-it’d-be-small-but-okay side.

good brunch recommendations, anyone? I’m this close to just doing my brunch times at home with my favorite M&S cereal.

Spathe Public House
8 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238958
tel +65 6735 1035
$$: averagely, fifteen

One thought on “spathe public house, clarke quay

  1. it’s time to go back to the “eat at home, let’s bake and show people we do better brunches/cakes/at-life”. for reals. I really didn’t like spathe for the service and the food.

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