becasse bakery, ion orchard

pretty darn surprisingly delicious brunch at the top floor of the ion orchard. this australian chain was brought in by jones the grocer – which I wasn’t too impressed by – and they share the same kitchen at their orchard premises. unlike jones, though, I was impressed by the food – and this makes one heck of a good option in orchard (where good brunch offerings are actually surprisingly few).


the open space it sits in was once occupied by meatworks, and where the space was previously awkward for that older establishment (there must be a reason steakhouses are usually dim affairs), it’s spacious and airy enough for a rather pleasant bit of brunch-and-people-watching.

it’s a rather french-esque brunch, with patisserie items sitting in the glass counter and crepes sitting alongside more heavier americanised brunch offerings like mac and cheese.

the food’s good too – with a decent, measured portion that sates and leaves space for dessert – mum’s crepe was full of gooey cheese and ham slices, and my granola was a artisanal sort: full of toasty, nutty flavors and effort (or at least it didn’t make me feel like it had been poured out a generic-and-not-great box).

a side salad was crisp and crunchy and very french-tasting – so it all made for a good part one.

we stuffed washed all this down with two pretty things from their glass counter – a slice of opera cake that was deliciously dense and chocolatey (and maybe one of the best chocolate things I’ve eaten recently), and a strawberry tart of good butter pastry filled with a light custardy creme patisserie and topped generously with strawberries.

they have eclairs and macaroons in the counter too, so there ought to be somthing for most anyone.

I was surprised, and very happily so. the prices are remarkably reasonable considering the quality of food, the portions and its very location – a fair competitor to the rather reliable marmalade pantry downstairs, or the ps cafe just across the road (at the paragon).

I’m putting this into that same class, and it’s somewhat of an honor given than those two (plus wild honey at the mandarin gallery) constitute my brunch go-tos. a very welcome addition to the orchard dining scene, and maybe one of my more favorite places recently.

Becasse Bakery
#04-27/28/29/30/31/32 ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801
tel +65 6884 5365
$$: brunch for twenty

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