jewel cafe and bar, rangoon road

pretty darn good brunch food, which is not something to scoff at in this new wave of coffee joints. it’s rather hipsterly located in the cooler part of little india, with a beautiful porch and a rather pretty interior full of whites and wood and metal.

it’s a decent menu by any standard, large for a coffee joint, reasonably priced, and the flavors are more than decent. definitely worth a visit.


there was a pretty large group of us that day, and we managed quite a few dishes on the menu. the breakfast one is filled with classics like french toast and pancakes – both served with lots of syrup and ripe berries, which made it more than delicious. the pancakes in particular I can judge – both because I had them and also because I love them greatly – fluffy, american-style, and not dense at all.

very nicely done.

the eggs went down pretty well (by which I meant they seemed to be eaten quickly and without complain) – so you probably wouldn’t go wrong with a croque monsieur or poached-egg-do.

the lunch menu kicked in at noonish (or was it elevenish) – and I think that was pretty well-done. fried pork bites came tender alongside a dip of kecap manis, and a mushroom soup was redolent with a lick of truffle oil and actual fungi bits.

the beef salad was topped with slices of pink, tender beef, and another was topped with moist, tender chicken breast slices (none of that dry stuff) and a poached egg.

if you’re in the mood for something heavier, the chilli crab and fish roe ones (separate dishes) were both good, though the first was heavily spiced with ginger (and might be rather disconcertingly so).

I find myself with little to say – but that’s probably more to do with my critical nature – and it probably indicates the rather positive nature of my meal here. the food is delicious, prices are reasonable, service is prompt and obliging, and the cafe is plain lovely.

good stuff.

Jewel Cafe and Bar
129 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218407
tel +65 6298 9216
$$: twentyish for brunch

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    • eva, I’m so sorry to have missed this comment! please go ahead and use them – my apologies again!

      could you attribute the photos to the blog please? thanks!

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