the pantry at shop wonderland, haji lane

this cafe is beautiful. it’s almost perfect in my estimation – large window with lovely decals, a quaint almost britishy sort of interior complete with cake display (AND OH MY GOD, THOSE CLEAR GLASS DOMES) and baristarinas, and an upstairs parlor all laid out in houseware and decor for the buying. a parlor for shopping, and a downstairs for cake-ing, and a window for the looking – such a balm to (my/) the soul.

so it’s very lucky that the single slice of cake we had was acceptable for the eating. we had the gula melaka cake (upon recommendation from one of the ladies behind the counter) – a dense, moist sponge layered with buttercream and that dark palm sugar and dusted with coconut – it would be good with a cup of tea; while not revelatory, it was certainly enough for enjoying the afternoon and the space.

these photos were hidden in my archive for quite a while – but they’re too beautiful not to share. I love places that have great light, and its especially lovely when it’s natural light streaming in from a large window, and I have cake to go with.

I’m not sure about the other cakes, and I’ve certainly had better (the sponge could have afforded quite a bit less heft and more fluffiness), but the place is worth coming to.

p.s. I accept gifts from the upstairs, if anyone’s offering :p

Shop Wonderland
37 Haji Lane
Singapore 189230
tel +65 6299 5848
$.5: six-sevenish for a slice of cake

now instagrammin’ at _andmorefood!

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