the taroko gorge, a summary

no, no, you’re not in the wrong place. it’s a bit more like andmoretravel here at the moment, but bear with me – for there are lovely photos to share!

the taroko gorge is a national park that often serves as a stopover or day-trip from hualien – and it was certainly a neat bit of scenery to see while in the area.


I’m not going to say too much – ain’t it pretty?

all that green, with an option for proper hiking if you’re so inclined – we took the easy route. booked a car for the day, took pockets of walking while our driver waited, and shot loads of photos (of course).

it was -ahem- february when we went, so it was blindingly cold. and since it isn’t a foodblog unless there’s food – we had boiled tea eggs (soaked so long they were dark to the yolk) and simple glutinous rice dumplings along the way. very common fare for outskirt travel in taiwan, and rather comforting in their heartiness.

now instagrammin’ at _andmorefood!

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