violet oon’s kitchen, bukit timah

peranakan done up all fancy-like. it’s good food here, if you’re hankering for something a little out of the brunchordinary: local classics dished up pretty, as well as nonya interpretations of brunch classics.

I heard quite a lot about the food here before coming, and it’s gratifying that the food didn’t disappoint. especially since it’s rather a bit of pain getting here by public transport (try to cab or drive if you can).


it’s a nice space reminiscent of those black-and-white colonial buildings, lots of sunshine streaming in from the lack of doors, and a long sleek counter lining the entrance.

we started with smoothies, one lychee and mint and another berry yogurt smoothie. they’re just a little on the sweet side – but otherwise refreshing on the extraordinary hot days we’ve been having.

the brunch menu itself has an intriguing spread of light-to-heartier portions, with smaller items like roti babi of five-spiced minced prawns and pork fried on toast, and tau kwa pao, essentially diced stuff stuffed in fried beancurd.

simple, but they went down plenty quickly.

if you want something heavier, you’ve got the choice of an asian big breakfast – yellow rice with all the fried nasi lemak accouterments you could (probably want) –

or a nonya-interpreted brunch – like french toast served with bananas cooked up in gula melaka (like the sort you find in apom balik) –

or just (not-so-)plain interesting items like a crab cake benedict or vietnamese pulled pork burrito. that crab cake was mine, a substantial round of loosely-packed (proper!) crab atop an english muffin, complete with poached egg and hollandaise. I would have appreciated a slightly fluffier muffin, and a little more salsa, but the dish was very nicely done, and well worth ordering.

I wholly recommend coming at about 11-ish, so you start with the brunch menu and then move on to lunch proper. the menu carries on in the same vein, with traditionals and not-so-traditionals (like this buah keluak pasta) sitting alongside a large compendium of dishes – mostly decent, with positive vibes even if imperfect.

and while I wasn’t able to stay for dessert this time (damnit), I was mocked by a friend who kept me regaled with photos that already on their own render a re-visit imminent (apparently most a class of execution above the food).

reasonable prices and decent service – I just wish the darn place were more accessible. worth visiting, at least for something different.

Violet Oon’s Kitchen
881 Bukit Timah Rd
Singapore 279893
tel +65 6468 5430
$$: 20-30 per person

as with most places I enjoy, I’m pretty reticent here – it’s a terrible quirk to be better at rant than praise, but can I say I’m asian and not given to much (positive) expression? it’s a lovely place regardless, and I really enjoyed myself.

instagrammin’ at _andmorefood!

9 thoughts on “violet oon’s kitchen, bukit timah

      • Apart from the other 2 I mentioned earlier… How about unusual or original, or inventive, or creative. In this particular case, just call it a place successfully spanning the bridge between traditional & imaginative or something?

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