bistro du vin, zion road

oh my, can someone say dessert please? it’s finally friday – days since I thought I’d be posting, and I’m in the mood for something sweet and chocolatey to end things. this one’s a good choice, the first time I’ve made it to the lauded bistro du vin – and only for dessert (after dinner at indochilli, just a few doors down).

peek in, peek in! there’s a flowing chocolate lava cake after the jump :D


how awesome is that? a proper, legit chocolate fondant full of dark chocolate and not too much sugar, with oozey uncooked batter (no cheating here) coming out a nice crusty cake. dee-licious.

speckly vanilla ice cream on the side too, but you don’t expect any less do you?

annnnnnd, magic fingers! a slightly eggy creme brulee with a crackly sugar top browned enough for flavor and satisfyingly charred in a couple spots – pretty good, though there’s really nothing to beat chocolate.

the top pictures were of the mont-blanc – chestnut, vanilla ice cream, rum, meringue, whipped cream,
chocolate pearls & chocolate sauce – and a lot less interesting than it sounds. skip this, and get the fondant (AND THE SOUFFLE, AND TELL ME HOW IT GOES!)

so yes, desserts pretty good – and I’ve heard good things about the food. pretty much worth the calories.

Bistro Du Vin
56 Zion Rd
Singapore 247781
tel +65 6836 6313
$$: 10-15 a dessert

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