the little fish shop, serangoon nex

an offspin of the greenwood fish market, this place serves good seafood and fish dishes – it’s fancy and yet not: the dishes are properly and beautifully plated, but preparation of the white meat is usually simple and served with condiments that let it shine.

I used to think it was a little strange setting up in the heartlands – prices are a little more associated with town dining than simple suburbia – but they do fantastic business day after day, so they definitely know what they’re about.

and I can’t complain – for it’s good food, and great lighting for photos. really the wet dream of a food photographer.


bread is complimentary, and it’s always pretty good. usually some sort of delicious focaccia served alongside good quality balsamic and olive oil, it’s a practice we enjoyed very much at their sister restaurant (and hence happy that they’ve continued it here).

speaking of which – the greenwood fish market is rather inaccessibly in the depths of bukit timah, and serves up slightly posher-feeling dishes with the same fish and seafood theme (which rather explains the name, yes?) in a more intimate, date-worthy atmosphere. you get rather the same quality of cooking at both establishments – impressive given its high standard – so pick your ambiance.

it’s a pretty compact menu full of easy favorites, and appetizers run from the common battered calamari rings and chips all fried up golden and greaseless (rather an indication that commonness is nothing to scoff at),

to slightly more involved dishes like mussels in a broth sweet with the flavor of shellfish and made hearty with tender spuds, and a grilled portobello salad served with a moreish tomato chutney.

decent portions here, so I suggest ordering a couple plates for sharing – for you’ll want to keep some space for the mains.

I recommend the fish – but of course – and a couple varieties are offered each day in your preferred style of cooking. the waiters are usually able to explain the more exotic species to you, and recommend an appropriate style of cooking to match – what you get is a slab of delicious fish on their sides of the day (mushy peas and home fries this night).

I haven’t been disappointed going with their advice, and it’s always a good choice to try something new! of course, if you don’t like fish, you probably shouldn’t bother coming you have options like

pasta with clams or in a delicious marinara – all done up al dente and coated expertly with sauce (nothing obsessive or watery here).

it’s really good food without all that inconvenience of their sister establishment, and particularly good for those weeknight dinners when you want something a little more special, but nothing too poncy or tiresome. service may be the weakest link here, with barely enough wait staff shuffling between the tabels taking orders and dishing up, and it can get pretty harried and (dare I say) snarky at times. but it’s a small thing – relax, sit down to a good meal, and let that all wash over you.

great for weekdays, dates and convenient to boot – it’s a good, worthy meal.

The Little Fish Shop
#04-15/16 Serangoon Nex
23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 556083
tel +65 6634 7941
$$.5: 30+ a person

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