edge, pan pacific singapore

a singular photo for a buffet?! what blasphemy.

and yet, given it’s a photo of roast duck in laksa, I think it leaves me space for creative posturing sums buffets up very well – eat whatever you want, however you want.

that load of ‘bbish aside, this place was horrid to photograph, though the food was decent. I don’t think it was outstanding in any of the criteria we judge buffets by: quantity, quality, variety, and service – but it’s good enough to return to, just to differentiate itself from the main players (to my mind: melt, the line, and straits kitchen).


they have the usual roundup of local food, japanese sushi and sashimi (the latter is good and very generous – ask for the salmon belly, which is available via request and not on display). the cold seafood seems serviceable (they have oysters and crab legs, which I know many people are into), but my favorite was definitely the prime roast – pink, tender, and full of flavour. pity they don’t serve au jus.

I also want to warn you that their so-named barbecue is in fact an indoor table-top grill, where you place your orders for various cuts of meat. not what I’d named a barbecue (and I’ll refrain from judging this insidious clever marketing) – and also not very good. highly by-passable.

there’s a good spread of dessert, with a chocolate fountain, artisan-looking chocolates, and pretty cakes. skip the waffles though – anaemic, and rather biscuity, these are serviceable only with the ice cream.

not bad enough to warn against – but if you’re into stuffing your face, I’d recommend you to melt (still my favorite) and the line (which is an oldie but decentee).

Level 3, Pan Pacific
7 Raffles Blvd
Singapore 039595
tel +65 6336 8111
$$$: (I think) seventyish per person

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