the white rabbit, dempsey hill

hello from lijiang! I’m totally posting from afar, but regular programming goes on!

possibly the most beautifully gorgeous place to brunch, lunch, or wine and dine in singapore. this is my first return to the white rabbit after a visit years ago, though not from lack of want. it’s as lovely as ever, with decent food and a wonderful ambience.

prices aren’t cheap, but the cooking is acceptable – and really, you’re here for the overall experience, which they excel at.


I’m always here in the day time, primarily because the venue lends itself amazingly well to sunlight streaming in through the stained glass windows of this once-chapel.

the brunch menu is small but serviceable, with easy egg dishes and more involved ones like potato rosti with smoked salmon. I particularly enjoyed the latter – smoked salmon can so often be more salt than flavor, but not here. it was served a sizeable portion, with a heartiness I normally only associate with hot-smoked salmon (which I love, incidentally).

the steak with eggs was pretty good too, with our beef done perfectly medium rare and pink and topped with two perfectly done sunny-side-ups.

but if you’re in the mood for something heartier, they also have a more lunch-type section with things like a proper beef burger (slightly over-minced (which leads to a mushier, less chunky patty, though still acceptable) and a salad nicoise with not-too-salty anchovies and colourful salad leaves.

mind you, I say heartier in the sense of flavor rather than any indication of size. the portions here vary from small to reasonable, so don’t be expecting anything remotely close to belly-busting.

we finished with the waffles, since their rather famous white chocolate souffle wasn’t available – this is possibly the only dish I’d steer clear of, seeing as how it was both anemic and biscuit-like (these really should be contrary adjectives, seeing how the first indicates lack of cooking, and the latter indicates rather too much). the only saving grace were the tart berries and ice cream. go for the affogato instead, which has a scoop of great ice cream over a satisfyingly bitter shot of espresso.

service is pretty hit-and-miss. we waited a goodly amount of time for our food to arrive, so the portions did seem paltry at arrival – but it’s otherwise friendly when you can get it. prices are commensurate with the venue rather than dish size, and so don’t expect anything cheap – but come at least to see the place, and bask in the whole posh brunchness of the place.

The White Rabbit
39C Harding Rd
Singapore 249541
tel +65 6473 9965
$$$: 40-60 a person

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