maison kayser, wheelock place

cute, and surprisingly filling tea break at this casual cafe outpost in wheelock – I’ve never really thought this place lived up quite to the furor it raised when it first appeared, but this teatime really surprised me: it was a good selection of their goods, a more-than-satisfactory range between sweet and savory, and it came pretty quickly – and then they left us alone. all good things. and aren’t those eclairs cute?


the set is labeled for two – but I think it really can feed three comfortably, and four slightly sparsely – and it’s about two pieces of everything that comes on the plate. those plates come on a metal tier too, so everything is displayed rather cutely.

your drink comes first – a decent cup of ‘jo and tea that probably isn’t on the same level as your more specific coffee-making joints, but more than good enough if you’re not feeling snobbish particular.

there are two savory plates: the first holds two thick slices of quiche and rolls of smoked salmon aside salad – the crust is decently thick without being stodgy, and the filling rich and savory. pretty good, especially when paired with the not-too-salty salmon (which is a boon in itself) and dressed salad (slightly oily, but otherwise a good counter).

the second savory plate holds tartines – slices of toast with egg mayo and ratatouille – everything is pretty well seasoned, and the dryer sourdough-like toast slices hold up to it.

but of the plates, the dessert one was the cutest – all colorful and aesthetically pleasing, and especially satisfying that it was also gastronomically interesting and filling. the pink-and-white topped eclairs were adorable, filled with a pink cream that reminded one vaguely of ribena; the flan was a firm, well-made yellow custard that wasn’t too sweet;

Maison Kayser
#B2-01 Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road
Singapore 238880
tel +65 6235 6568
$$: 20-30 per person

instagrammin’ at _andmorefood!

3 thoughts on “maison kayser, wheelock place

  1. Maison Kayser is one of my go-to places here, although its assortment is quite limited & I’ve heard it’s not as good as in France. Still, it is very decent I think. Glad to hear yours seems to be up to par as well!

    • have you ever tried paul’s? it’s rather similar to kayser (and maybe cheaper!)

      I have to get down to posting on that facebook group – my phone interface doesn’t make for easy posting!

      • Love Paul’s, used to be my husband’s staple for bread. But weirdly, there’s no Paul in Nagoya.
        & as for cakes, which of course is the only thing counting in my books, there’s one Kayser in Tokyo that makes proper & very nice pâtisseries. You can get some nice pies & viennoiseries at Paul in Japan but never proper nice gâteaux.
        Actually, after some useful input from Petite Pâtissière I’ve been considering ditching the group & making a community page instead because people might like that format better so hold your energy for now I guess…

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