the missing pan, bukit timah

one of the better brunch places in the new morass of food establishments – how do they keep popping up?! – with generous portions, good cooking, and a beautiful space (and bad ventilation, though that depends on where you’re sitting). I’m very pleased with this place – I haven’t left so full and satisfied after brunch for a long time, service is mostly prompt and food comes quickly, and prices aren’t crazy.

very good, and well worth a visit.


we’ve been through this before – brunch is the (big and) beautiful offspring of the sober, nutritious breakfast, and the more frivolous extended lunch. what that really means is food served therefore must (by my reckoning) be hearty and tasty, and come in portions big enough to almost mandate a post-meal siesta.

in this day of dining, that equation doesn’t always work out. food is charged high and comes on small plates (appropriate some times, but not really at brunch), cafes open and close so quickly that food is often neglected in their efforts to have the coolest space/ the most elitist coffee to catch the now, and service staff often too cool to serve you.

but not here.

almost everything we ordered was good to excellent – with flavor that feels both comforting and homely.

take the bircher muesli, which was a pretty darn big bowl of soaked oats and fruit – I only wish they hadn’t used quaker oats, which has a rather distinctive musty cupboardy taste (does anyone else get that?) – very filling, and not-too-sweet.

we intermissioned with a slice of tiramisu, with a fluffy mascarpone layer and a cake layer soaked with coffee syrup – very lovely, and a decent slice for not being too dense – got to give them props for having chefs that have a measured hand with the sugar.

the good food continued with the savouries, a big-breakfast type offering with scrambled eggs, sautéed corn-and-mushrooms and sausage, as well as french toast stuffed with sautéed chicken and spinach with fruit atop. the first a classic, the second a darn good twist on one – it’s a very satisfying meal, especially since the plates are piled high and full.

I didn’t expect to be this satisfied with our food – and I certainly underestimated the portion sizes – so when our pumpkin salad arrived, we were nearly too full to appreciate it properly. if you’re getting this, keep in mind that the salad tends on the sweet side with the walnuts, raisins, and a slightly sweet dressing. it’s a good mix with the crunchy romaine, and a good example of salad that doesn’t rely on meat for heartiness.

this is possibly as good a brunch place as I’ve come across recently – it reminds me of wild honey, in style of food and portions, though it certainly doesn’t come with the same price tag (this place is so much more reasonably-priced). keep in mind the big portions – you’d do well with one dish a person – even with our green, we could barely finish our side orders.

fantastic value for money, a pretty place (sit downstairs to escape that pungent smell of oil on the second floor), and not terribly inconvenient even if in bukit timah. come for the food, stay (and repeat) for everything else.

The Missing Pan
619D Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269724
tel +65 6466 4377
$$: twenty-ish for brunch

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