feedlot steakhouse bar & grill, tanglin

pretty meh food at this steakhouse – with only a couple of dishes moving past that meh – in the tanglin post office. this place certainly looks inviting, big patio and sophisticated dark interiors, but you’re probably better off food-wise with some brunch from the nassim hill bakery, or even cooking your own with goods from that delightful swiss butchery upstairs.

I don’t know what it is about this place – the food is pretty adequate, but it doesn’t seem anything special at all, and certainly options abound if you’re looking for something better. it’s good if you’re in the area, but otherwise not quite worth the effort.


I arrived to news that that brunch menu was no longer available – and that was a pretty disappointing start. but the lunch menu was pretty good for choice, so that worked out, at least.

still, disappointing.

this place has some dishes that are pretty much more-than-good, so let’s start with those. first, this large slab of bone marrow was impressive both for fatty flavor and size, accompanied by five skinny toast-biscuits to scoop out all the goodness. it was very tasty, but make sure you do like the fattiness – it sure was a goodly amount of it.

but I was even more impressed by the foie gras truffle risotto, which had al dente rice perfumed very lovingly with that truffle flavor – which when well used, as it was here, makes things extremely delicious. I couldn’t stop eating this (and it wasn’t even my plate) – it was properly salted, properly cooked, and properly delicious.

a couple of the dishes were pretty average-good: a salad topped with char-grilled tenderloin, and a pasta topped with the same. the pasta was pretty well-received, actually – the noodles were al dente, and the only complaint was that it was possibly too spicy (though I thought it was rather fragrantly so).

what I was least impressed by, rather tragically, was the dish I had ordered: a steak sandwich. I rather thought it’d have been a good test of their skills – it is, after all, a slice of fried steak between bread and salad, and shouldn’t be difficult to execute.

but the steak was pretty cold, with only a thin cooked outside to show for any applied heat – and the bread was just a almost-tasteless flat piece of something. I just ate the cold steak, left the bread, and moved on.

and.. dessert was a mixed bag. the duo pudding plate came with two lava cakes, one dark chocolate and one white chocolate – the dark was pretty delicious (and stolen very quickly by that cute girl on my knee), but the white one tasted like uncooked cake batter in the most horrible way. if you can convince them to give you two darks, this is well-worth ordering – but skip otherwise.

and a compressed rum-infused pineapple was just a plain pineapple slice topped with vanilla ice cream – good, but utterly simplistic (especially for the high price); but at least that was better than the rhubarb crumble, which looked delicious but was rather watery and diluted under that golden crumble.

so – I’m not impressed, even if I left full – and it’s a tepid recommendation i give this place. the best part about it? it’s a little secluded so there aren’t those manic crowds you usually get on the weekend.

Feedlot Steakhouse Bar & Grill
56 Tanglin Road #B1-01
Singapore 247964
tel +65 6463 8080
$$.5: 30-ish at least, per dessert

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