rakuzen japanese restaurant, millenia walk

decent japanese food at this place I’ve seen frequently touted as good-value and decent quality, both compliments I agree with. I did imagine, however, that the place was a rather more high-end establishment (perhaps on the same level as sushi kuu) – but it’s more akin to a (slightly more) refined sushi tei.

the comparison with that latter establishment is further promulgated when you realise just how similar (almost suspiciously so, as I whipped out the phone to check if they belonged to the same group – no evidence to this though) the menus are in terms of font and choice.

worth the slightly higher prices? yes, if only for variety.


I’ve never hid the fact that I’m a big fan of sushi tei – I eat there at least once a fortnight, and it earns the moniker of most-visted, by far. there are those that turn their noses up at its almost fast food identity – but I say poop at that. and – that’s also why I think it good compliment that I would consider visiting rakuichi even with a sushi tei nearby.

there’s a good selection of bento sets that make for good value, as well as a decent a la carte section for greater variety. the mains range from sushi to suitability (lots of springy noodles and tender beef in a suitably sweet broth), with sides of anything from sashimi to teriyaki chicken – and what we got was pretty tasty, and serviceable enough for a post-work dinner or hanging with friends.

I’ve said this about many restaurants in this range – it’s not fine dining, but it really has no need to be. there’s a measure of applause to be had for an establishment that manages to serve you good, decent food without it costing an arm and a leg – and in the case of this place, the restaurant is done up rather nicely in a glassed, rather refined environment that belies the low-low prices (relatively, for the area) inside.

good food, and a nice sit-down in the area (and especially good for being close to dessert).

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant
#01-14 Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596
tel +65 6333 1171
$$.5: a good meal easily comes in below thirty

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