tatsu teppanyaki, asia square

guys, I’m sorry for the photos – the restaurant was dark and done up all in black – but the food here is pretty good, and worth a visit if you’re into teppanyaki. singapore has a dearth of these fry-in-your-face places, and the places that dodo it range from the very cheap to the very expensive.

this one lies somewhat at an upper-middling price point – but my hypothesis is that price makes little difference to the eating (it’s mainly just fresh ingredients with garlic, which is difficult to go wrong with). what you’re paying for instead is that entire package of ambiance and show – the latter really up to the skills of the chef in throwing foods up to unnecessary height and setting things on fire.

so tatsu is, as with its price point, a good posher-than-average joint that doesn’t have its underpants in a wad – with pretty delicious food off an extensive menu.


I thought, with its location in the depths of singapore’s financial area, that it would be both uppity and pretentious (ahem) – but it’s not. a medium-size dining hall with a long wing seating ten for teppanyaki, it’s actually quite a cosy space. the menu has a nice spread of quite traditional japanese offerings, and I we really liked the variety.

I particularly like the very large menu: teppanyaki can sometimes be quite boring and bleargh since everything is cooked/ sauteed/ seared on that huge flat stove with garlic. but you can start as we did with century egg tofu and slices of fresh sashimi – which were nicely sliced to be meaty and seafood sweet – and then work your way up to the cooked food,

like our nimono (simmered dish) and mushimono (steamed dish) of fish heads. they were light, with subtle flavors, and very delicious (and quite traditional).

but just look at that delicious spread of seafood they had brought out through our other courses just waiting for a hot sear on the stove.

and don’t sit too close – as he sets things like our lobster claws on fire!

we had prawns, lobster, wagyu and vegetables before it was all finished up with fried rice – and while the latter lacks the glamour of the first few courses, that whole frying process lifts all the browned bits and loveliness of the earlier dishes. I think it’s the best part (and I don’t even like rice).

we finished with a small cube of complimentary pudding, which was just that bit of sweet to finish off a good meal.

service is fantastic – very attentive even if it’s a little less polished than in a posher joint – and the chefs know how to have fun. it’s a good friday night date!

Tatsu Teppanyaki
#02-16 Asia Square Tower 2
12 Marina View
Singapore 018961
tel +65 6844 9855
$$$: >100

9 thoughts on “tatsu teppanyaki, asia square

    • I feel like they could be much more amazing! they don’t do justice at all.

      and you sadden me – no iphones here, just lots of effort and my previous camera. all that effort and you think it’s an iphone! :p

      • Duuh from the focal length & quality I was sure at least most of them weren’t iPhone photos that’s exactly why I asked! But what do you expect people to think when you upload a picture showing you mucking around with your iPhone. 😤

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