coq & balls, tiong bahru

so-so brunch at this small cafe-bar-bistro in tiong bahru. this place is kind of meh – the food is just about alright – in that I would visit if I were living just a block away – but otherwise, it’s not entirely worth the trip.

and, such a deliberately provocative, scandal-inciting sort of name. almost definitely thought up by men – if the joy had by my male dining companions were anything to go by.

n.b. that is a photo of literal twiddling thumbs because I had confiscated the coffee to photograph. the camera eats first!


there is something missing from this place – the ambiance is pretty alright, with rustic brick walls and cute tall benches to suit the tall chairs, and pretty cute staff. but it was empty on a weekend morning – and I think it’s probably because this place seems to have the demeanor of a nighttime place: where drinks and hanging (not literally, ok) are high on the list, much higher than food.

I don’t want to disparage the food too much, as it was perfectly serviceable. a sandwich of smoked salmon and salad was just that, between two halves of a hearty multigrain roll; an omelette was thin and rather expertly-round, with cute little cuts of chives providing an itty bit of color; pancakes were suitably thick and american-esque, with too much powdered sugar and not enough syrup; and my chicken quesadillas were properly-browned tortillas glued with a good helping of cheese and dark chicken meat.

so it doesn’t sound bad at all, and it wasn’t. but it was almost just ingredient for word what it said on the menu – no wow factor, and no rusticness or heartiness to explain that sort of bare-bones competency.

I know I sometimes complain about things being too complicated or poncy – but this just went the complete other way, with this minimal hit-the-mark proficiency at dishing out my food that I would associate with a mainstream, multi-chained, semi-fast food establishment. not that there’s anything really wrong with that – but weekends deserve a little more celebration, and this isn’t it.

fair game for a meal if you’re by the area though, of course.

Coq & Balls
6 Kim Tian Rd
Singapore 169246
tel +65 6276 6609
$$: twentyesque

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