people’s park food centre, chinatown

sometimes, it’s back to the traditionals: noodles, half a soy-sauce chicken and bits of roast pork, and a plate of vegetables for two.

have a great weekend!


p.s. the perimeter of the food court is now taken up by mainland chinese offering a wide range of indigenous foods (which I like, but haven’t had the chance to try), while the inside has a smattering of more local offerings. it’s an experience!

People’s Park Food Centre (just outside OG People’s Park)
32 New Market Road
Singapore 050032
$: less than ten per person (unless you’re greedy like me)

2 thoughts on “people’s park food centre, chinatown

  1. The last time I went which was three months, People’s Park Food Centre was full of Sichuan Ma La Pot. Every table I walked was eating some red and spicy dishes.

    • belinda, I went just past breakfast time, and so no one had started with all that sichuanness. I really want to give it a go! although this ridiculous heat we’re suffering really doesn’t help chili make sense.

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