yunnan, the travel diary

posts are going to be rather slow these two weeks – I am away on work without a laptop, and there’s only so much phone-squinting I can abide.

perhaps you’d like a look at some gorgeous (if I do say so myself) photos from my trip to yunnan in July?

keep cool!

  1. kunming city, china
  2. kunming outskirts, china
  3. kunming to dali, china
  4. lijiang sights, china
  5. lijiang eats, china
  6. lijiang to shangri-la, china
  7. shangri-la, china
  8. kunming eats, china

5 thoughts on “yunnan, the travel diary

    • OMG, you have no idea. I DONT EVEN HAVE A CAMERA TO PHOTOGRAPH ALL MY EATING. I’m surviving on my phone and a kindle!!

      I have realised, also, that data connectivity and access to photoshop might be one crucial level in my hierarchy of needs.

      • You can tell me the truth, BBFF – have you been abducted? Are aliens forcing you to take crappy iPhone pictures & to put some gastronomic un-truths out there? They don’t have any manners these days, not even letting you grab your computer & camera before dumping you in the middle of nowhere.

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