&made burger bistro, pacific plaza

I am back! I’m going to pretend you are just about excited about this as I am – it’s possibly the longest hiatus between posts on this blog, and I feel a vengeance. you never know how obsessive connected you are to your electronics until you’re separated.

we’ll start the engine up with a set of rather out-of-the-ordinary photos taken at this okay cafe at pacific plaza. I’ve been here before (how has it been two years since!) – and it maintains its rather meh-but-edible status.


it’s a colorful place set off the side of the building, and still decently packed on a weekend lunch. the menu looks like a fancy interpretation of american diner delights: burgers, salads and shakes – so fancy, in fact, that it’s dished up all frenchified and modernesque.

but there’s something about their food that just doesn’t do much for me. I certainly wouldn’t fuss too much if someone suggested a meal here – but they really haven’t improved with time. our caesar salad had moist slices of salmon and a soft egg atop, but the dish was marred by FAR TOO MUCH creamy salad dressing.

it was almost like navigating a thick cream soup with loads of veg. tasty dressing, yes, but overpowering at such volume.

the 3 little pigs burger was rather also tasty-but-not-quite-there, with a patty that was well-seasoned with minced chorizo and bacon mixed into the ground pork – but it was a hard puck of overcooked meat. a pity, as was the overdressed salad on the side.

it’s a pretty pricey place, which suits the locale but not the food. the best place about this place is possibly how quiet it is – the hype has receded and so has the crowd, and pacific plaza is conveniently in town without being part of the madness. doable, but only mildly recommendable.

&MADE Burger Bistro
#01-04-06 Pacific Plaza
9 Scotts Rd
Singapore 228210
tel +65 6690 7566
$$: 20-30 per person

15 thoughts on “&made burger bistro, pacific plaza

  1. Welcome back in the “real” world! Interesting, cartoony spin on the photos, not something I would’ve expected from you. Fun stuff although as I’m sure you’ll be happy to concede they don’t go far towards conveying the quality/un-quality of the food.

  2. such a pity the food’s gotten blah…it used to be soooooo frikkin’ good when bruno menard was still attached to it.

    on another note…welcome back to the connected world!! hope u had a great time trekking through the jungle!! :p

    • bernie, I was reading your review when I realised that it’s true he’s removed his name from the place!

      I went quite a while ago and probably also caught it at its downfall since I wasn’t impressed neither. it has so much potential though, and such a good location, sigh.

    • you’re definitely right! I’m not such a burger fiend though, but I did think the options at potato head were also pretty good (luckily they’re already on your list!)

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